Ways to Financially Support the Friends

There are a variety of ways you can financially support the Friends and enable it to continue its many functions that benefit the Collier County Library system and the residents of the County.


Donating to the Friends by using a personal check is an efficient and effective way to provide support. Please send a check payable to Friends of the Library of Collier County, Inc., and address it to Friends of the Library, 650 Central Avenue, Naples, Florida 34102. You can also personally deliver the check to the Friends office located near the West Entrance of the Naples Regional Library located at the same address.

Real Estate and Personal Property

A contribution of real estate or personal property such as a car, boat, significant art work or any other item of substantial value can provide valuable support to the Friends. Contributions of real estate or other high value items can be complex and may require independent appraisals to protect you but such contributions will be appreciated. Did you know that the land on which the Naples Regional Branch is located was a gift from generous supporters of the Friends and the Library?

Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds and other Marketable Securities

Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other marketable securities held by you for at least 12 months may generate very favorable tax benefits for you. At the time of the gift, you may be able to deduct the current fair market value of the gift given but not be required to include in your taxable income the amount by which the security increased since you obtained it.

To make such a gift please contact the Friends office by calling us at 239-262-8135 or send us a note to Friends of the Library, 650 Central Avenue, Naples, Florida 34102 for more specific instructions on how to properly make the gift and insure you receive the proper credit for your income tax purposes. We will need from you the name of the securities, the number of shares or bonds and your name when the gift is given.

Matching Gifts

Your employer or its parent company may match all or part of your gift to the Friends. This may be true even after you have retired from your employer. The amount of matching contribution can vary from 1/2 to as much as 5 times what you have given in a calendar year. The matching contribution does not cost you anything but it obviously increases the impact of your gift to the Friends. You should contact your employer to find out if it has a matching gift program and whether the Friends is eligible to receive the match under your employer’s program requirements.

Donor Advised Funds

Many individuals elect to support their favorite nonprofit organizations like the Friends by recommending a gift to the Friends through their donor advised fund. If you have established a donor advised fund with an institution such as Vanguard, Fidelity, T Rowe Price or Ayco, among many others, please consider recommending a gift to the Friends. The fund advisor can contact the Friends office at 239-262-8135 for any documentation needed such as the Friends tax exemption number. The Friends has been approved as qualified to receive recommended donor advised fund contributions in the past.

Planned Giving

You can include the Friends as part of your estate planning. You can make a difference in what the Friends can provide and ensure that it will continue its objectives in the future by mentioning us in your will or codicil to it, or as a beneficiary under an IRA, your employer’s retirement/401(k) plan or a life insurance policy. Click on the Planned Giving under the “Donate” tab to learn more about the different ways to support the Friends through Planned Giving.