Donor Board

Donations are accumulative totals, last updated 2017.

Diamond Contributors


Dr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Lee
Nick and Sara Linn

Jo Fugate Harris Lozier
Mrs. Margaret Sugden

Miss Justine Wakelee

Platinum Contributors

$15,000 - $99,999

Mr. John Bartoldus
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Berckmann
Mr. and Mrs. William Bergen
Mr. and Mrs. John Canfield Berlin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cioffi
Mr. and Mrs. John Forsythe
Mr. Philip Francoeur Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hanson
Mrs. Virginia Hendrickson
Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Houtz
Charles and Virginia Jacobsen Trust
Walter G. & Barbara M. Korntheuer

Mrs. Suzanne Morrow Long
Dr. Chris Papadopoulos
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Podles
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sebastian
Katrina and Mario Vangeli

Gold Contributors


Mrs. Jean Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Benson
Mr. and Mrs. William Buchanan
Mrs. Julia Calkins
Ms. Katherine Clark
Mrs. Merritt Cleveland

Mr. Barron Collier Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Morton Friedman
Phyllis Gotschall
Dr. and Mrs. David Greider
Margaret B. Griffith
W.R. “Bob” Holbrook
Mrs. Martha Jyurovat

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Kozlowski
D. Randy and Patricia D. Morris
Berry Ramsey
Anne and David Rismiller
Mrs. Charles Thalhimer
Myra and Van Williams

Silver Contributors


Mrs. Roger Becker
Mrs. Margaret Beggs
Mr. Stefan Bothe
Mr. and Mrs. Brenton Cook
Mrs. Martha Cullen
Mrs. Dorothy Dougherty
Mr. Neil Farkas
Ms. Jan Finander Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gebhardt
Dr. Ralph Gieringer
Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Gunther-Mohr
Mrs. Nelson Hagan
Ms. Jana Hazelbaker
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Herstein
Joe and Kathy Hessenthaler
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hurst
Mrs. William Hutchinson
Mr. and Mrs. James Kerrigan Jr.

In Memory of Col. Wm. W. & Margaret S. Kitchen
Mr. and Mrs. Denman Kountze Jr.
Mrs. June Kroeschell
Mr. and Mrs. William Laimbeer
Bob and Barbara Levine
Sandy Linneman
Mr. Scott McFarland
Mr. Daniel McKnight
Mr. James McTague
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miles
The W.A. Muska Family
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nelligan
Mr. and Mrs. Tom O’Reilly
Mrs. Edna Peltier
Mrs. Nancy Potter
Marjorie and David Prolman
Mr. John Rhodes

Mrs. Frank Roby
Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Roche
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sample
Mrs. Robert Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. A. James Smith Jr.
Nelson and Susan Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Lombard Squires
Mrs. C. Steers
Mrs. Frances Strohm
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Suffian
Mrs. Richard Talford
Mrs. Mamie Tooke
Mr. Scott Vavrinchik
Mr. George Wallace III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weinfurtner
Allen and Marla Weiss
Dr. and Mrs. Hansen Yuan
Mrs. Darlene Zinnen
Jon and Becky Zoler

Bronze Contributors

$2,500 - $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Adams
George Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barzin
Dr. and Mrs. Renzo and Maria Basili
Mrs. June Becker
Mr. and Mrs. John Bernauer
Ms. Dorothy Blair
Patricia Blankenship
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Brodell
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bumstead
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Caliguiri
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Marilyn Canton
Rebecca Casagrande
Mrs. M. Chatlain
Catherine Connell
Janet Cook
Clyde and Susan Craig
Mr. and Mrs. John DallePezze
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph De Ricco
Mr. Jack Dennis
Anne B. Diggs

Mr. William Fulton
Mrs. John Gamble
Ms. Helene Gorman
Bill and Carla Grieve
Dorris Groetzinger
Mrs. Alan Hallene
Mr. David Horenstein
Mrs. Grenville Hudson
Dr. Debra P. Hymovich
Marjorie Joder
Mrs. Anne C. Jones
Dick and Diane Jordan
Ms. Nita Leftwich
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Levy
Ms. Linda MacDuffie
Mr. Horace McDonell
Mr. and Mrs. James McKee Jr.
Sydney Mellinger
Mrs. Lea Mendel
Emilie Merritt
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Munro

Michael and Wendy Needham
Mr. William Netherton
Mrs. George Neuffer
Ms. Muriel Neumann
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Noch
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pfannenstiehl
Margot Prendergast
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Price
John and Charlene Roth
Cynthia Ruddy and John Aliberti
Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Klea Shiff
Mary Lou Shipman
Charles and Bernita Smith
Juliet Sproul
Dr. Janina Stensson
Mr. Thomas Sully
Mrs. Pat Thwaits
Mr. and Mrs. John Tunnell
Jean Van Buren
Barry and Kathryn Wagner
Ann Whittredge

$1,000 - $2,499

Thomas and Kathleen Adams
Dr. Frank Adiutori
Joyce Albers-Schonberg
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Albrecht
Mr. and Mrs. William Allison
Mr. and Mrs. William Allyn
Katherine Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anness
John and Rosemarie Arena
Mrs. Freida Arledge
Charlotte Ayers
Mr. Raymond Bassler
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bathey
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Baum
Mrs. Merle Bauser
Mr. and Mrs. Berkley Bedell
Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Bedell
Trish Benisch
Mr. and Mrs. Humbert Betti
Roselind Blanch
Walter and Rosemary Blankley
David and Joan Bloom
Ms. Mary Blume
Karna Bodman
Dr. and Mrs. E.C. Bone
Bruce and Susan Bosquet
Mr. Ben Bova
Christopher and Leslie Branda Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Braumschweig
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Briant
Mr. and Mrs. Sumiko Brinsfield
Mr. and Mrs. William Brock
Ms. Sara Brody
Honorable Rosalind Brooker
Abe and Jean Brown
Dickson and Dee Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brown
Roger and Sandra Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Truman Brown
Mr. and Mrs. John Buchanan
Maureen Buhrmaster
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burgess
Col. and Dr. Robert Burhans
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Campanile
Charlotte Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Campbell
Mr. John Cardillo
Dr. and Mrs. Millard Carnrick
Mrs. Claire Casale
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Caunter
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Chapin
Mr. Robert Chartrand
Linda and Victor Cheloliber
Dr. Joseph Chibnik
Joe and Barbara Chicurel
Mrs. Alice Childs
Dr. and Mrs. K. York & M. Noelle Chynn
Mr. and Mrs. Barney Ciotti
Mrs. Betty Clark
Mr. and Mrs. John Clark
Mrs. Muffy Clark Gill
Dr. and Mrs. David Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Cole
Kathleen Conahan
Joan Conley
Mr. and Mrs. James Connell
Ms. Jacqueline Cook
Connie Corasanti
Theresa Corbett
Helen Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Davison
Betty Dawson
Lorraine DeMeo
Dr. and Mrs. Frank DeRango
Jean Divine
Henry and Harolyn Devlin
Mrs. Rose A. Dillon
Janice DiRomualdo
Mr. Thomas Donegan
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Donovan
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Doughty
Lucille Drackett
Mariana Duncan
Mrs. Hilda Emerson
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Farb
Marianne Farmer
Jim and Janet Fay
Mark and Margaret Fegley
David and Jeanne Feight
Dr. and Mrs. Craig Allen Fenton
John and Ginger Finlayson
Patricia Finnen
Mr. and Mrs. Addison Fischer
Barbara Fletcher
Norbert and Rose Florek
Ronald and Andrea Foisy
Patricia Forkan
Joanne Fowler
Ms. Jan Gregory Frazer
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Freedman
Mona Freedman-Beitchman
Mr. and Mrs. James French
Sue Ann Furbee
Joseph Gagnier
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Gahagan
Mr. and Mrs. William Galbraith Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Gallian
Arlene Garrity
Mary Gately
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Gaum
Mary Giles

Ann Gillis
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Goin
Barbara Goodof
Virginia Govoni
Paulina Greer
Mary Grieb
Mrs. G. Grissinger
Mr. Robert Gunn
Charles and Gordon Gussler
Tom and Judy Haevers
Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo Hafner
Margaret Hageman
Nanlee Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hamister
Kathleen Hanes and Henry Scmeca
Mr. and Mrs. G. Thomas Harrick
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Harris
Mrs. Faye Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harshman
Mr. Alex Hart
Mr. and Mrs. R. James Harvey
Thomas and Kristina Hauschild
Mr. and Mrs. David Hawley
Ms. Elinor Hendrickson
Mr. and Mrs. K. Hepp
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Herndon
Mr. and Mrs. George Herrmann III
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hertel
Barbara Hile
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Hirsch
Mrs. Marlene Hodge
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Hoeft
Janet Hoeschler
Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Holloway
Mrs. Karin Holmes
Reg and Jackie Howard
Ms. Yolande Hsu
Dr. and Mrs. James Huddleston Jr.
Mrs. George Huntoon
Mr. and Mrs. Warner Hutchinson
Mr. and Mrs. George Ihnat
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Inglis
Pauline Iten
Mr. and Mrs. James Jackson
Robert and Laurie Jacobs
Ann Jacobson
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Jaffe
Dr. and Mrs. Don Janicek
Jim and Liz Jessee
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Johnson
James and Anita Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnston
Judy Jorgensen
Joseph Karaganis
Judge Howard Kaufman
In Memory of Cynthia R. Kaye by William G. Kaye
Alan and Carolyn Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Keller
Quentin and Mary Elizabeth Kennedy
Dorothy Kittrell
Robert and Joyce Kosmidek
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Krouth
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kutler
James and Sally Lackey
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lambein
Betty Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawton
Mr. Robert Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. John Limitlaw
Mr. and Mrs. William Lindsay
Mr. George Llano
Mr. and Mrs. John Loftus
Margaret Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Ardyn Long
Dean Longo
Frances Lopus
Mary Anne Lostaunau
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard & Roberta Lublin
Anne Lynn
Patricia MacDonald
Ms. Dolores MacLean
Roslyn Mandel
Phyllis Marco
Mr. and Mrs. John Markell Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Marston
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Maull II
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Maurer
Joseph and Norma Mauriello
Thomas McBride
John and Geri McCarthy
Dr. and Mrs. Gene McCree
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd McDowell II
John and Pat McGarry
Dr. Alex McGuffie
Karen McLean
Beverly McVay
Mr. and Mrs. Art Mehlman
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Menaker
Mr. D. Merriwether
Kathleen Mezzalingua
Joanne Migliaro
Salma Mikhail, PH.D.
William and Diana Mitzelfeld
Mr. C. Kenneth Moore
Barbara Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mosmiller
Bob and Mary Jo Naylor
Carolyn Neumann
Carolyn Nichols
Nicholas Niles
Jane Nordlund

Tom and Joan Norris
Ed and Beth O’Brien
Victoria O’Connor
Barbara Oddo
Mrs. Frank Odell
Dr. and Mrs. George Ohye
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O’Leary
Bill and Jackie Orosz
Mr. and Mrs. John Owens
Mrs. Jane Parks
Mr. Francis Paulson
C. Arthur Pearson
Arthur Pendleton
Stephen and Sharon Plumeri
Anna Podesta
Sally Potts
Maxine Pschibul
Anna Pump
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Putnam Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth Puzak
Mary Sue Rischar
Kathleen Robbins
Donald Robinson
Eileen Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. John Roche
Regene Ross
Lawrence Rowan
H. Allen and Dianne Ryan
Patricia Salmon
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert J. and Betty Saunders
Harry and Jane Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Schauer
Dr. and Mrs. David Schechter
Edward and Fay Schefer
Ann Schulte
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scifres
Mrs. Mason Scudder
Margaret Seaver
Nancy Seeley
Richard Seymour
Mr. Jack Shelton
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Shmaruk
Mrs. Janet Short
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Shreve
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Shug
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Shurts
Bobbi Skaggs
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Skidmore
Betty Skonnord
Paul and Nancy Slater
William Slocum
Mary Small
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Snider
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sobolewski
Mrs. Rose Somogyi
Mr. and Mrs. John Sorey III
Dr. and Mrs. Jerald and Joy Spivak
Betty Springer
Mr. and Mrs. David Stahl
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Stanek
Elaine Stearman
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Steffen Sr.
Joseph and Jamie Steuer
Julie Stewart
Joan Stinziano
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stratton
Judge Reta Strubhar
Mrs. Frances Strumpen-Darrie
Gail Steinmetz
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stuhlmiller
Phillip and Maureen Sullivan-Hartung
John Sweeney
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Sweterlitsch
Joan Tanner
Mrs. Mildred Tappan
Charlotte Kruesi Tarr
Ruth Thiel
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Thomas
Mrs. Paul Thomas
Charles and Nancy Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Toshalis
Mary Traudt
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Trerice
Tanya Trinkaus Glass
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Tutun
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Uihlein
Ruth Van Kirk
Ronald Wade
Mr. and Mrs. Don Waggoner
Lee Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. William Walworth Jr.
Patricia Warehime
Dr. Margaret Wenzel
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Weseley
Richard West
Muriel Wexler
Mrs. Mary Whinfrey
Frank White
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Whitney
Katherine Wielgus
Michal and Mordechai Wiesler
Dorothy Wigglesworth
Carol Willenborg
Paula Wilson
Marian Winson
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wischnia
Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Wismar
John Wrafter
Sidney and Sally Yelland-Ehrhart
Mary Zurlinden